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Welcome to Ericks And Fredericks International Consulting,


We are a broad based global company with locations in Nigeria and Australia specializing in supporting our clients to maximize their performance and achieve their business and personal vision.


Our skill set span across business development consulting, International study guidance, Visa and Immigration assistance, and Market research,  just to mention a few.

Our reputation is hinged on evidence based solutions, practicality and real world industry experience to support clients improve performance through effective people, risk, business and financial management.

Why Choose Us?

Our consultants’ draw upon years of direct, front-line experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure you can achieve success in your industry. We can help you capitalise on your strengths and build on opportunities to support you to grow as an individual or as a business.


Why Study abroad?

The advantages of International study cannot be over-emphasized. In 2010, an estimated 250,000 Nigerians were studying in various universities around the world,and this number is increasing on an annual basis . Asides exposure to different cultural experiences. The student/teacher ratios make for quite comfortable learning.


Economics Advisory

The non-profit, and government sectors play an important role in global economy & in the lives of people around the world.We undertake research & analyses of key microeconomics indicators to help governments & public-sector organizations design & implement strategies that promote economic development.


What We Do

We are a global powerhouse specializing in supporting our clients maximize their performance and achieve their business and personal vision.

Education And Training Services

To aid in foreign education placement and also professional/workplace training

Economic Services

We help governments/public-sector organizations organize strategies to promote economic development.

Migration Services

We assist with visa arrangements and travel protocol to aid smooth transition

Business Development Services

We proffer models for increased performance and overall growth for client businesses via our business development service.

Agricultural Services

We offer consultancy services to firms in the agro-allied sector to aid them in achieving marketability and profitability.