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As a new employee, you have much to learn and become familiar with so you can settle into your role at Abilifly Support Services. Your induction is the starting point in this process.
There are two parts to your induction:
  • Online organisational orientation, policies and procedures and the role specific requirements
  • Face-toFace (HR will notify you of a date).
As part of your online induction, please review the presentation and policy documents below and complete the associated assessments.
You will also need to complete the agreements, acknowledgements and declaration section before you can start work at Abilifly.
  1. Organisational Orientation
This module will take you through our key policies and procedures and important organisational information to help you work effectively at Abilifly.
A brief introduction to Abilifly
This presentation provides you with a snapshot of Abilifly's vision, services and how we work.
Abilifly Employee Handbook (Link to the Doc)
The employee handbook contains important information about working at selectability. It outlines our policies, culture, and expectations of behaviour and performance in the workplace.
Policies and Procedures (Link to the Doc)

These policies and procedures establish the rules for working and expectations of your conduct as a selectability employee., Please ensure you read and familiarise yourself with these key selectabiity policies. 

Once you have read these you will be required to complete the an acknowledgement that states you have read and understand the policies and will apply these at work.

Return to induction (Link to the top page)

Organisational Orientation Assessment (Link to the Doc)

2.  Workplace Health & Safety

Abilifly is committed to ensuring a safe, supportive and healthy working environment for all its employees, contractors, who are likely to be impacted by the conduct of our activities.

We aim to ensure the WH&S is integrated into all of our management systems so that the prevalence of occupational injury and illness is embedded in our organisational culture.

WHS Orientation (Link to the doc)

Manual handling (Link to the doc)

WHS Orientation Assessment (Link to the assessment)

3.  Fire Safety - First Response

First Response Powerpoint (Link to the Doc)

First Response Assessment (Link to the Assessment)

4. Agreements, acknowledgements and declarations

Before you commence work with Abilifly Support Services, you must confirm that you understand the conditions outlined in various organisational policies and agree to apply them during your period of employment at Abilifly Support Services.

WHS policy acknowledgement (Link to acknowledgement)

Starting employment without a Blue card and / or a Yellow Card (Link to doc)

Blue Card disqualified person warning (Link)

Fairwork information statement acknowledgement (Link)

Information technology acceptable use policy agreement (Link)

Consent for the use of images

Confidentiality agreement (link)

Employee information disclosure (Links)

Employee declaration of interest (Links)

Declaration (Links to signed declaration)

Organisational Orientation Assessment

This short assessment is based on the Abilifly Employee Handbook and our key policies and procedures

                                                                      Attempts Allowed: 10

                                                                Grading method: Highest grade

Summary of your previous attempts

Attempts          State                                                                          Grade / 10.00                   Review

    1               Finished Saturday, 12 September 2020, 1.30pm                  9.00                               Review (Link to the assessment0

    2               Finished Saturday, 12 September 2020, 5.23pm                 10.00                              Review (Link)  


                                                                     Highest grade: 10.00 / 10.00

                                                                                 Re-attempt quiz


Policies and procedures (return tab)                                                                                         WHS Orientation (Forward tab) 

Started on      : Saturday, 12 September 2020, 5.43pm

State:              Finished

Completed on: Saturday, 12 September 2020, 6.49pm

Time taken:      1hour3 mins

Grade:            9.00 out of 10.00 (90%)

Question 1:   Abilifly's values are: integrity; innovation; commitment; diversity, accountability; possitivity; and human rights.

What is the purpose of these values?

Select one:

a. To attract consumers

b. To use in marketing material

c. To attract employees

d. To guide our behaviours ad decision making

Question 2. Employers have to give every new employee a copy of the Fairwork Information Statement before they start work.

The statement has information on:

Select one:

a. Your individual contract 

b. selectability's vision and values

c. The National Employment Standards 

Question 3.  If you raise a grievance, HR has is responsible for:

Select one:

a. Providing ongoing and support and guidance to all employees

b. Ensuring all employees/volunteers are aware of their obligations and responsibilities

c. Resolving the dispute or grievance

d. Both A and B 

Question 4. What is acceptable footwear to be worn on shift in the community?

Select one:

a. Thongs

b. Open-toe sandals

c. Closed-in shoes 

Question 5. What is acceptable footwear to be worn within the office?

Select one:

a. Closed-in shoes 

b. Thongs

c. Open-toe sandals

Question 6. What is not acceptable clothing to wear on shift in the community?

Select one:

a. Brightly coloured t-shirt

b. Off-the-shoulder blouse 

c. A and B

d. Plain sleeved shirt

Question 7. What is not acceptable clothing to wear within the office?

Select one:

a. A summer maxi-dress

b. A polo shirt

c. Trousers/skirts that are above the knee

d. All of the above 

Question 8. During the course of your employment, you may have access to private and confidential information of various types, depending on your position. Which one of the following is not considered confidential information:

Select one:

a. Consumer records

b. Financial data including specific details of individual contracts of employment

c. Data, including licensing agreements

d. Corporate brochures  

Question 9. Abilifly recognises that you may wish to use social media in your personal life. Where your comments or profile can identify you as a selectability employee, you must:

Select one:

a. use your selectability email address

b. only disclose and discuss publicly available information 

c. comment on behalf of selectability

Question 10. A conflict of interest involves a conflict between an individual's personal interest and their official duties as an employee.


Why should you declare a conflict of interest?


Select one:

a. To protect the financial well-being of selectability

b. To ensure compliance with the relevant provisions of the Corporations Act 2001

c. If you have any business, financial and other relationships, positions, or circumstances in which you are currently involved and which could potentially contribute or be perceived to contribute to a conflict of interest

d. All of the above

                           Finish review

Policies and procedures (Backward tab)                                                                                         WHS Orientation (Forward tab)

WHS Orientation

Click Workplace Health and Safety.pptx.pdf link to view the file.

Organisational orientation Assessment (Return tab)                                                                       Manual handling (Forward tab)   

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