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Why choose us

Years of Experience

Our years of experience, helps us understand and deliver on the needs of our clients. We have extensive experience in handling skilled, employer/family sponsored and partner visas as well as other visa types and subclasses.

Result Oriented

With years of experience on the job, Ericks & Fredericks is an expert in identifying opportunities and applies the best-fit approach , so you can achieve results quickly and without additional cost.

Prompt Communication

As a client of Ericks & Fredericks, you are never alone. We will return all emails and messages within 1 hr during business hours and we are happy to work evenings and weekends to fit your schedule.

Huge Network Of Specialists

If in your particular case we have no expertise to deliver the best possible result, we will be the first to admit it and will put you in touch with high quality professionals from our large network of ethical and result focused specialists.

Personal Approach

We apply a personal approach to each individual case. There is no 'one-size' fit all and for that reason, we take the time to listen to our clients first, and then act.


Let's Get You Here!

Ericks & Fredericks International Consulting are registered migration agents and committed to providing the best possible service as required by and regulated by the professions Code of Conduct.


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